Nail/Cuticle oil has been referred to as the "King" of all nail treatments. It is the ONLY natural alternative for having the strong, healthy, beautiful nails you've always wanted.

A good "quality" all-natural Nail oil will work wonders for your overall nail health. Massage it into the nails 2-3 times or more per day, and especially at night before bed. Here are just a few of the benefits:

1. Nail Oil helps maintain the overall oil/moisture balance in the nail which is vital to good nail health. The proper balance causes nails to become strong yet flexible, resisting cracks, chips, splits and breaks.  Without the proper oil balance you get peeling, splitting, brittle and weak nails.

2. A quality Nail oil contains oils that also "nourish" the nails, providing the nutrients they need to be healthy and strong.  One containing a superior carrier oil such as Emu Oil will penetrate through the cuticle as well as nail plate to nourish and feed the matrix. Using it every day provides the "Nail Food" your nails need.

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3. Nail Oil softens the cuticles and heals hangnails. It keeps them soft and healthy promoting overall good nail health by feeding the cell development below the cuticle and nail plate.

4. The "massage" you do when you apply nail oil also promotes blood flow to the nails, carrying the nutrients you feed your body internally directly to the nails. It's important that you literally give your cuticles "a massage" with the nail oil until fully absorbed to take advantage of the blood flow.

5.  Many have been able to replace the bad habit of biting nails with a good habit of applying nail oil every day, making their nails beautiful and healthy.

Don't be tempted by the promises or lies of the un-natural alternatives.  These include all enhancements:

 - Nail hardeners & strengtheners that go on like polish

 - Dipping powder

 - Acrylic Gel 

 - Acrylic Powder 

 - Shellac, or any polish requiring a UV light to dry/cure it.

All of the above will actually make your unhealthy nails WORSE in the long run.  They are temporary fixes and only harm your natural nails.  Not to mention a very expensive alternative.  Don't get stuck in Acrylic Nail Jail!

A good quality nail oil every day is THE ONLY THING your nails need to stay consistently healthy and strong.

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The Many Benefits Of Nail Oil

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