The live skin surrounding your nail plate is called the Eponychium (Ep-O-nee'-chee-um, commonly referred to as cuticles).

NEVER EVER let anyone cut your eponychium - Fingers or Toes! It is the barrier for your nails to prevent infections like fungus and bacteria from getting under the nail plate!   Not to mention the risk of infected tools used to cut them.  PLUS.. the more you cut them, the more they grow!  If you ever get a nail fungus, it will literally change your life!!

INSTEAD, use a good quality cuticle/nail oil every day to keep them soft and healthy & prevent hangnails.  That's what nail oil is for!  If you will do this, you will never have to have them cut.

Once a week or so, oil first, then gently scrape off the cuticle (the dead skin on top back of nail plate) and gently push back the eponychium with a cuticle pusher (not too much!), as part of your manicure when you remove your polish. Follow that up by exfoliating your hands/feet and nails to remove all dead skin. Then oil again, then moisturize. This will encourage and stimulate your nails to grow healthy and strong. The same applies for your your TOES too!

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Cutting your eponychium will actually make your nails WORSE in the long run.  It's a temporary fix and can only harm your natural nails.  Not to mention a very risky alternative.

A good quality nail oil every day is THE ONLY THING your nails need to stay consistently healthy and strong.

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Why you should NEVER allow anyone to cut your cuticles!

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