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Ingredients:  Vitamin E Oil, Jojoba Oil, Castor Oil, Emu Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Biotin

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FAQ'S  (Frequently asked questions)

How easy is it to use?


  -Gorgeous Natural Nails is SO easy to use!  (Remember to shake bottle well before using)  Simply apply 1 drop to each finger, and massage it in and around your cuticle and underneath the nails.  Our quick-absorbing formula will totally absorb within minutes, making it able to be applied practically anywhere you are, anytime of day!


Is your Nail Growth Formula any different from the other nail strengtheners and nail growth products on the market? 


   - Absolutely Yes!  First:  Ours is All-Natural, and contains only the finest and most potent natural ingredients.  Many, if not all of the other products contain chemicals such as formaldehyde - that actually harm and weaken your natural nails in the long run!  Our formula is made up of the essential nutrients and ingredients that your natural nails need and LOVE!  It absorbs quickly, and immediately gets right to where it's needed - through your cuticles and nail plate.  After using ours, your nails will thank you - and they'll show it!  (Be sure to see our video testimonials page)


Secondly:  As you continue to use ours and your nails grow, you should feel them becoming healthier, thicker and more flexible - resisting peeling, chipping, cracking and breaking.  The other so-called "nail hardeners"  are a short term fix, and do nothing to nourish your nails.  After time they will actually make your nails weaker and more brittle - susceptible to cracking, chipping and  breaking.


Can I apply it while my nails are polished?


  - Yes!  Since our formula is absorbed through the cuticles and underneath the nail, you can apply it anytime - with polished or un-polished nails.


How long using yours before I start seeing noticeable results?


  -Most women that use it regularly (2-3 times daily) start feeling a difference within a 2-3 days!   - and definitely see/feel noticeable changes in nail health and growth within the first week or 2!  (Be sure to see our video testimonials page)


I have acrylic nails currently.  Will your product help my natural nails underneath?


-Yes it will!  Although the acrylics and the ACETONE used to remove them are weakening your natural nails, the nourishment and moisturizing that your cuticles and nails will receive from our nail growth formula will start to help strengthen them!  If you wish to eventually remove the acrylics and start growing your own nails naturally, you need to treat them right away.  The best time to start improving your natural nails' overall health is NOW!


Are results with your product guaranteed?


  - Yes.  With regular use (2-3 times daily), if you don't see the growth & overall health of your natural nails improve after 30 days .. contact us for your money back!


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All-Natural Nail Growth Formula - 1oz (30ml) Bottle 

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