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CASE WHOLESALE PRICE! Only $60  (33% OFF Retail Value of $90.00)

Case of 12 bottles, .33oz purse size - Makes a GREAT gift for Mom, sisters, daughters or girlfriends!  ..Or a trial for friends to test! 

Revolutionary NEW All-Natural nail growth formula.

Gorgeous Natural Nails is an easy to use Nail Growth Formula containing nothing but the finest and most potent all-natural ingredients, with a clean fresh scent, and without the use of chemicals or formaldehyde. 


For LESS than half the price of 1 salon visit, you can have the Gorgeous Natural Nails you've always wanted!  Be the envy of every woman seeing them!


With regular use, even the most weak & brittle nails will see amazing results!   Within days, your natural nails will start to look and feel strong and healthy.  It will repair and heal damaged cuticles and nails from wearing acrylics and using acetone,  and even the most neglected nails.  Hang nails, peeling, chipping and stunted growth will be a thing of the past!  We GUARANTEE IT or your money back!  All you have to do is use it!


The Patent Pending formula contains 5 natural oils - plus Biotin -  that will heal, nourish, moisturize, strengthen & lengthen your natural nails.  You'll begin to feel the difference right away - Especially on your cuticles!  Soon, your nails will not only become longer and stronger, but flexible - resisting chips, cracks and breaks!  In addition, your cuticles will be so healthy and soft!   It also makes your manicure last up to 3x longer - saving you $$!  It works on your toenails too!

Shipping:  USA - $3.25  Canada $3.75

International:  $5.95


All-Natural Nail Growth Formula - .5oz (15ml) Bottle ( 4 - 5 week Supply)

All-Natural Nail Growth Formula - 1oz (30ml) Bottle (2 month Supply)

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It's SO EASY to use!

Instructions:  Shake well before using.  Apply 1 drop on each finger (or toes) and massage into cuticle and underneath nail, 2-3 times per day - anywhere you are. 

If it feels greasy, use less.  Massage any excess into hands and fingers for great looking and feeling hands too!  Our quick-penetrating formula totally absorbs within minutes, and your nails will begin to look and feel great!  There's no greasy feeling - just healthy cuticles and nails!

Ingredients:  Vitamin E Oil, Jojoba Oil, Castor Oil, Emu Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Biotin

Shipping:   USA - $3.25
International:  $5.95

Shipping:   USA - $4.95  Canada $5.25
International:  $7.95

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All-Natural Nail Growth Formula - .33oz purse size (10ml) Bottle ( 3-4 week Supply)

     Our Simple Formula:  2-3 Times per day = Gorgeous Natural Nails.. GUARANTEED!  All you have to do is USE IT!

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