The Myth about nail strengtheners and hardeners that go on like polish

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The details of this post are going to shock a lot of you, but it's so important to realize! You are probably one of the millions of victims of the mis-information about these products. $Millions is wasted every year by women searching for a solution to weak nails.

The so-called "strengtheners and hardeners" that go on like polish will actually HARM your natural nails with long-term use. These include "bonders" and "ridge fillers".. even OPI Nail Envy. They are loaded with chemicals such as formaldehyde and others, that will weaken and cause brittleness/peeling with extended use. Sure, some of them will harden your nails for a time, and then all of a sudden they become brittle and weak. Have you experienced this after using them for extended periods?

They are only a BANDAID - a "temporary fix" - and do not make unhealthy nails healthy again. The key to strong beautiful natural nails is to HEAL and NOURISH them.  Please don't waste $$ on these products!

Instead, to strengthen weak nails, use a good quality all-natural Nail/Cuticle Oil multiple times per day, that will provide the moisture & nourishment your nails need to become healthy and strong again. Also, keep them polished with regular nail polish (even if it's clear polish) which adds strength and a water barrier to them also. (Water externally is an enemy of natural nails).

A good quality nail oil every day is THE ONLY THING your nails need to stay consistently healthy and strong.

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