"I had really dry brittle nails, that cracked and the tips would always break off. Since using this, they're growing like crazy and feel much stronger! I've noticed so much strength that I can't stop tapping on things! It's easy to use and only takes a little bit, so it lasts a long time. I love this stuff!"

Brandy p, Warrenton, va  

“After just 2 weeks of using your product, I can’t believe how strong they are already!  You are an inspiration for women that can’t grow their nails…  I’ve broken a couple because I have to get used to having them this long!  But they are growing back, I love it!” 

Rachael G., Houston, Tx  

I want to credit Jennifer with the quote of the month, when she recently told me in public after getting another bottle from me .....

"This product really works!  Can I file my nails down now?.. I'm not used to having them this long!"

-Yes Jennifer, you have GORGEOUS hands and nails, and you can now keep them any length you would like! lol.  Thanks for being a valued customer and submitting your photos!    -Jeff, Founder/Creator

“I have been using the Gorgeous Natural Nails now for about a month.  I would definitely recommend this product for anyone who wants longer and healthier nails.  It’s simple, and it’s very easy to apply.  My nails are noticeably stronger and longer... For me to obtain this length would have been otherwise impossible before…  I will continue to use this product!

"Being a model, it's very important for me to look and feel good all of the time.  After just 3 days of using this product,  I could already feel my nails getting stronger!  Now I no longer need acrylics and my natural nails are indeed gorgeous!"

Jennifer W., richmond, Tx   Click on Jennifer's Name for more info and video

Katy T, Sugar Land, Tx   Click on katy's Name for more info and video

Kasey M,  Inverness, IL 

Marjorie B, Houston, Tx   Click on Marjorie's Name for more info and video

Natalie Q, Houston, Tx   Click on Natalie's Name for more info and video



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"I tried everything before trying the Gorgeous Natural Nails, and could not grow my nails past the tip of my finger, without them breaking.... Now I have nails, and they're still growing!  I would recommend this product to anyone that wants to grow their natural nails!"

Christin H, Houston, Tx   Click on Christin's Name for more info and video



Below are actual users and their testimonials

after using our All-Natural Nail Growth Formula!

(MANY More testimonials posted on our social media!)

 "For the past 4 weeks I have been using Gorgeous Natural Nails! I have wanted to grow them out for awhile now, but I was having trouble. Every time they would grow, they would break right away.  They have gotten so much longer & stronger! Each week they keep growing and getting stronger. I have tried many oils and growth serums, but nothing has worked. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants long beautiful nails in just a few weeks! It also makes your cuticles look much healthier too!"

" Using Gorgeous Natural Nails now for 3 weeks. My nails are stronger and longer. No splitting any more. I don't mind filing them once a week to keep them this length! I spent 2 weeks with my hands constantly in water 4 to 5 hours per day on vacation in the pool and hand washing laundry. I was so worried I would mess up my nails - but not with Gorgeous Natural Nails to help me! I always use gloves for dishes and chores. This product is amazing!  Thank you."

Monica M., Houston, Tx   Click on Monica's Name for more info and video